Who Am I?

Architect with 7+ years of experience in Design as well as Construction field. Demonstrated leadership qualities in design and building in multiple medium to large-sized projects, while playing a key role as Superintendent and Technical Department Head. Adept at utilizing state of the art computer techniques to deliver design and construction requirements of the projects. Leaded multiple projects toward efficiency and cost-saving by offering alternatives to conventional construction procedures, such as BIM, Space Frames, Metal Decks, etc.

Hi there!
I’m Mohammad Sharifkhani, an Architect, Designer, and Constructor, active in the design and construction industry for almost 8 years.

My main interest is to change NOTHING to EVERYTHING and to make BAD things GOOD! That’s why I love “Architecture, Design, and Building”.

I’ve worked in 4 small to large scale buildings as Technical Department Head and Superintendent. In addition, I have done several projects concerned with Design & Build.

My latest full-time job was as Head of Facade Construction team in a 29-story tower in Qazvin, Iran.

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7 Year of Experience
4 Full-time Projects
2 Remodeling Works


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